Alam Wernik

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Tom Olah: Alam, where did you grow up?
Alam Wernik: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

TO: How did you first get into gay porn?
AW: I started to work with social media two years ago, then I saw so many friends on Instagram doing OnlyFans videos,
and I thought it’s time to make a business with my social media. After two months doing OnlyFans videos, I met with
Trenton Ducati for a video collaboration. He's becoming more than business – we become friends, and he called me to go
to a shoot last January in Miami with Trenton Ducati and NakedSword for The Chosen Few. That was my first experience
in the industry. That's where I met Mr.Pam. They both were a big inspiration for me do my exclusive contract with Falcon.

TO: Was the first time you had sex with a boy or a girl?
AW: I was14 years old [laughs]. It was after high school in a car with an older brother of my friend and it was raining a lot.

TO: You have an amazing body. What is your workout schedule like?
AW: Gym for me; it’s my space. I have so much work to do on my phone and answer a lot of work and collaborations,
make a schedule and pics for Instagram, Twitter. I try to do everything at the gym, also workout, swimming, music. I probably
spend everyday more than two hours at the gym.

TO: Were you born with that ass or did exercise make it?
AW: So many people think it’s about only legs. Actually, most of my legs and ass come from biking, spinning. Everyday I
do 15 minutes of biking in heavy mode, like climbing a mountain. It’s the big secret to get big legs and butt.

TO: What was the first day on the set like, and who was your first scene partner?
AW: I was so nervous! Mr.Pam and Trenton helped to make an amazing direction in so many ways. They helped me a lot
with angles, light. It was so much fun. Arad Winwin was my scene partner; he was so sweet and patient. He helped me a lot
with many things. We were all in the same house with the crew and models. It was an amazing connection and so much fun
with everybody.

TO: You are a hot and sexy man whom I believe is getting some. Do you still masturbate?
AW: [Laughs] yeah, of course I do every single day more than three times. It’s sometimes hard when I have porn scene.
I try not to masturbate two days before [laughs].

TO: You have some big movies coming out, The Last Rose from NakedSword and American Lovers in Prague from BelAmi
with some BelAmi guys. I have to ask, what was it like making the movie?
AW: This collaboration between BelAmi and NakedSword was the most fun thing ever. I met Ryan Rose at the airport. We
had the same flight to Prague. And you can imagine, hot guys from BelAmi, amazing direction from both companies. Prague,
it’s a wonderful city. It was two weeks working with great people. We made amazing content. Sharing two weeks with Ryan,
Pam and Belami Guys was a big experience. I’ll never forget this amazing trip. The feeling was vacation, not work.

TO: Who do you have sex with in The Last Rose and American Lovers in Prague?
AW: Ryan, Sven, Adam Archuleta, Sergio.

TO: Ryan Rose is also In American Lovers in Prague and The Last Rose. On his Twitter feed last spring, he had pictures of
the two of you. How much trouble did you and Ryan get in?
AW: Should I say everything? [Laughs] I am kidding. It was the first time we worked together. He is amazing. We had a lot
of fun inside and outside the studio. One fun story: We went to a gay club. He left before me. Then back home, I couldn't
find the key to the apartment. I jumped another building to get in.

TO: You have a dream scene partner?
AW: I do. Liam Hemsworth

TO: In which movies can we look forward to see you?
AW: The Chosen Few, Work It Up, The Last Rose and American Lovers in Prague.

TO: Is it true you are now a Fleshjack. How was that?
AW: I was just in Austin, Texas getting molded for a dildo and Fleshjack based on my anatomy. It is a huge operation,
and has been around for 25 years – the first and still the best for male sex toys. We hope to launch the toys by January
or February.

TO: Best way to keep up with all things Alam Wernik?
AW: My Instagram, @alamwernik, is where I post everything about lifestyle. Twitter is where I post everything
about the porn industry, @wernikalam.

This article ran in the October 2, 2018 Issue of GRAB Magazine.